Sunday, June 29, 2014

God universe and Adam

(1) Anyone around ! Person shows loyalty or a allegiance to cause complete confidence strong believe of destiny,a good friend don't let him or her go from your side .author samsalim (2) Anyone fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind fail to keep or to maintain fail to win a foolish friend,stay away from the perso.samsalim (3) A person have deep feeling desire and attraction a strong positive emotion of regards and affection is a high valued treasure don't loose it,author samsalim (4) Friendship demands loyalty!the act of binding yourself intellectually or emotionally to a course of action,the quality of being feeling of samsalim. (5)a person has the ability to apply knowledge or experience understanding or common sense and insight that's the quality of being prudent and sensible is a true friend,author Sam salim. (6) An emotion of great sadness associated with lose bereavement enjoy the time of your life showing or marked by joy or pleasure enjoy what you have don't worry what you don't have,author Samsalim. (7) A person who has achieved distinction and honor in some field make remarkable out of ordinary and the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight,quality of being prudent,a friend a treasure keep friendship forever,author samsalim. (8) Earn and gain without cheating win something reach a destination through one's samsalim. (9) Someone who leads you to believe something is not true engage in deceitful behavior is not your friend,author samsalim.Lot of readers ask me write about friend and friendship that's how I feel.

Monday, June 23, 2014

God universe and Adam

God universe and Adam-imagination and fantasy world it's a fiction with a large amount of imagination in it,we all live in our fantasy world (large or small)if anyone don't have a fantasy world dream of futher he or she not normal have to have a dream some comes in reality some wiped out and it's all how you make the foundation and fundamental assumption from which something is begun or developed and calculated and experience that determine how things appear to you. I am dreamer live in my fantasy world Adams world god's dream give to Adam give Adams a 2nd chance send him to this planet make your own haven give him wisdom all the tools power of creativity,implement the rules with masters kindness and his greatness your wisdom use in practice,pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue,apply in a manner consistent with it's purpose or design ensure observance of laws and rules what we learn from his messengers,prophet Ibrahim,Moses,Jesus,and last prophet/prophet Mohammad massager of god.sad very sad we are lost society unable to function no longer possession or control spiritually and physically doomed and destroyed looks incapable of being recovered or regained,Thick darkness surrounded this planet extremely evil forces in control humanity buried looks graveyard of humanity Satan proud very proud on his followers whom they helping him to destroy the human race I always have a hope with desire intend with some possibility of fulfillment will not give up hope of my fantasy world Adams world hope some day we all live one family respect and love each others,I believe lot of good human out there some day they will turn the table defeat the Satan bring back my fantasy world Adams world make masters proud what he claimed once he created Adam best of the best of his all creation don't let him down. A global citizen

Thursday, June 19, 2014

God universe and Adam

God universe and Adam-a particular orthography or writing system call script a written version of play or dramatic composition.god wrote a script on us some time he change the script we are not aware of it till it happen,I think master is mad when he gets mad nowhere to run it's coming big maneuver,the act of winding or twisting. Lords of society deliberately invalid argument display ingenuity in reasoning deceiving whole human race,darkness surrounding the global society out of control Satan followers an evil act,sudden rise in crime rate a loose affiliation of groups in charge of organized criminal activities pushing this society human race to unenlightened state absence of moral or spiritual values society a combination of elements of dryness and warmth relating to Satan,lords of society planting the war using greedy and none believers criminals in the name of religion making money on dead body's of Adams children.society alter from original not strait corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality lacking in integrity containing errors or alteration from original ruined in character or quality what master created and expected,every day society extending relatively far inward in darkness.Satan very proud on you human having and displaying his ideas,where is your dignity and nobility quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character or ideals artwork once master created.master was very proud when he created Adam you are reflection of god look in side of you light is there don't forget what you learn from prophet Ibrahim,mosses,Jesus and prophet Mohammad messenger of god you still have a time push the darkness,I didn't give-up don't give-up.a golobal citizen.

Friday, December 27, 2013

God universe and Adam-freedom fighter or outlaw of afghan pak tribe one of the turbulent part of this planet Killing the peace intentionally and with premeditation by outlaw and other claiming outlaw thought and intention to commit a crime well in advance of the time,other side planning or plotting in advance of acting. Before I go furthermore make mention some history,genghis khan mongolian emperor whose empire stretch from Mongolia to black sea to pacific ocean (1162-1227).a great conqueror take possession of by force as after an invasion taking by force what ever desire act of stealing looting valuable things from every ware looting was There main profession khans of Mongolia have a history destroy everything after looting,genghis khan went taskent (Uzbekistan)and bagdad via afghanistan, khans destroyed these cities many time left there barbarian impact without civilizing influence every ware some afghan tribe still follow barbarian culture ill bred.still under barbaric influences no it's seem to be barbarian impact every ware every part of the world striking of one body against another. The violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat waged the war against Ill society,who is responsible for this governments or political leaders or system. Every social political system has failed us system should be composed of sociable people or formed for the purpose Of sociability,there seems to be no happy outcome to the political and economic mess of the planet humans every ware live in misery every year every month it gets worse more poverty,hunger homelessness,we cannot move around On this planet freely we cannot live where we choose to live,we have to follow rules and laws that we did not agree We have to work to pay taxes in return what we get it's unbalance system an act of limiting,The restriction are Endless a small groups royal and political families and banking elite families took controls of the world,global economics collapse is imminent.what we have to do system collapse,do we have to find a new system it's broken it cannot be fixed or we have to find honest leadership for this planet.Satan is very happy and laughing on us we are Playing on his rules following him I am not hopeless someone some day some survivalist will save this planet lead Us to build healthy and peaceful society.(a global citizen).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

God universe and Adam-freedom fighter or out law of this planet,number of entities considered as a unit of jihadees or freedom fighters(pirate of Africa out law of middle east afganistan and Pakistan)few groupe of out law anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides there planned brutal action or disposed to inflict pain to suffering society.pretend and waged so called a holly struggle or striving for moral or spiritual goal in the name of holly war by some groups of outlaw(specially in pak afghan tribe area)illegality as a consequence of unlawful act,call a jihad know nothing about Islam(neither media)make believe with the intent to deceive represent fictitiously as a play or pretend to be a act of jihad.put forward of guess of Islamic study and lack of knowledge of structure of Islam and holly Quran and massage of God Prophet Mohammad SAW the messenger of God.killing innocent people women,children attack with bombs in public places,places of worship mosque church and temple not regards for people feeling or life no respect for Muslims or any other religion all children of Adam and eve why hate each other also a massage in holly Quran god says some groups from you pretend a Muslim they are lost follow Satan leave them alone they will not listen to you I will punish them in their life or after life.these out law seems to be faraway from Islam outlaw violate the international law and Islamic law by kidnaping and killing innocent people in sea or land tribal or populated area every ware in this turbulent planet shame to these groups of outlaw waged the war against the civilization for money and sold their soul to Satan rich corporates using them to sell their weapon And other benefits citizen of this planet living in misery.only question how they get the expensive weapons they don't have a money to buy one time meal.leaders of third world as corrupt as outlaw corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality make illegal payment to in exchange for favor or influence to these groups of out law One global human family divided in the name of religion or name of democracy or social ideas,the doctrine that the Numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group are controlled by rich corporate freedom of choice,democracy buried some ware Satan experiencing manifesting pleasure feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which measures by civilized society and what we learn from prophet Ibrahim,Moses, Jesus,and prophet Mohammad SAW massager of God, unfortunate development,feel shame a painful emotion resulting from non awareness inadequacy and guilt compel through sense of shame dishonor upon lacking of integrity,friends I didn't give up ground for feeling hopeful for the future.samsalim A global citizen (part one).

Sunday, November 24, 2013

God universe and Adam-misinterpretation of religion religious in observing the rules and misrepresentation of religion did more damage in society then anything els.followers accept the leadership with blind faith not pursue the truth carry out and participate in an activity individuals adherent strictly to law and rules and customs implemented by the religious leaders who make them separated and distinct from others and use them for their purpose to make their masters happy.followers lacking sense or awareness misleaded in wrong direction by their religious leaders.disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others.general direction from the religious leaders in which something tend to move is misleading and misinterpretation of religion.thousands of innocent people women childerns die every day in the war in different part of the world in the name of freedom or religion.peace lost and buried in act of war causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorder accompanied by compulsive behavior or attack of panic.planet that once home for god's best creation.create by artistic means pursue a creative activity look like a graveyard of human race.emotional distress symptom of physical hurt and disorder in society cause emotional anguish or make miserable fellow citizens stan is very proud of you the way you are sporting and exhibiting his rules the game of the darkness your mind seized and controlled by stanic invasion.stanic ideas seeded spread of evil pathogenic microorganism or malignant cells to new site in the body the act of evil invading in you will face to the master day at the end of the time when will decree the fates of all individual human according to the good and evil of their earthly life.( samsalim a global citizen).

Thursday, November 7, 2013

God universe and Adam,same sex relation its a very sensitive issue being susceptible to the attitudes,feeling,or circumstances of others lot of people ask me my opinion on same sex relation sexually attracted to member of your Own sex.mostly of the time political leaders and religious leader avoid to the point answer there opinion or answer very diplomatic not bold on the issue.iwill not pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness not interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing I will be very honest on this matter will say what ever I feel.I do not judge and challenge peoples choice believe on freedom of choice. Meaning of gay-ADJ-bright and pleasant or brightly colored and showy sex!the properties that distinguish of reproductive rules the act of reproduction myself believing on god and his will his creation capability of conscious choice and decision and intention god's will our existence(act of reproduction).when god created Adam then ave/only one Adam and one ave not two Adam and two ave if god has created two and more Adam ave I would think twice on same sex relation.there was only one Adam and one ave beside other expectations god gave Adam pleasure moment and act of reproduction,produce more individuals and there childerns repeat and recreate same image what has created act of reproduction is not possible on same sex relation my believe and understanding that's never been a god's will same sex relation he created only one couple who associate with one another made performed with purpose and intent.master created mostly life including human(his last creation)in two categories male and female into which most organisms are divided.a living thing that has(or can devolpe)the ability to act or function independently.the way master creat the life in two categories and paint the picture perfect specially in Adams and ave case being complete of it's kind and without defect or blemish,how can I go against it if I go it's not justification of his art and the rules it's a crime cross the line against his will it's a foolish act of defending or explaining excuses for by wrong reasoning in the name of freedom of choice what god gave us from day first but set the rules explain the Adam what is wrong or right and promised act in right manner will be rewarded violating the rules get Quran's sura almuzamal God says stay away from the people who cross the line violate the rules do not follow god's will make wrong choices massage I send by my massagers (by all prophets)not following they are lost they will not pay attention will not listen to you leave them alone I will ask them them they will answer to me I will punish to them on judgement sisters and brothers I express my feeling on same sex relation respect freedom of choice leave up to master to judge and decide.a global citizen

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God universe and Adam,sura almudasar from Quran,god send the massage through prophet Mohammad you are in deep sleep Surrounded by darkness lacking enlightenment or knowledge of truth stemming evil characteristics or force marked by difficulty of style or expression evil make you believe and follow witch is not even his are like a Natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world suspended mesmerized by Stan having your attention fixated by a spell trapped in his extremely evil net of darkness.that's not what you are that's not I expected from you that's not what you learn from my massagers wake up tell your sister and brothers gods greatness (you are his great work of art)your major significant or importance his creation remarkable or out of the ordinary spell a psychological state induced a magical incantation in a degree or magnitude of effect wake up you have to achieve distinction and honor in every field not effected by evil ideas but what you learn from prophet Ibrahim Moses Jesus and last prophet Mohammad the massager of god also master says in sura almudasar stay away from unpleasantly stormy evil atmosphere correct your behavior obscenity or indecency unethical or dishonesty do not violate accepted standards of humanity not expressing or revealing hostility or dislike or improper behavior also master say in sura almudasar if you help others or contributes to fulfillment of need or furtherance an effort or purpose not for reward if you help others without any attempt to acquire or gain something not seeking or expecting any reward I will reward you in your life or after life share your wealth your knowledge your time I will reward you stay away from materialism greed will lead you to desire more wealth material possession an act of controlled absence of light or illumination absence moral or spiritual values an unenlightened state leading us to deeper and deeper in dark side wake up you still have a time.A global citizen

Friday, October 11, 2013

God universe and Adam.peace and violence sad very sad when I look around the turbulent plant violence an act Of aggression against peace or who ever resists for peace.planet a home of god's best creation home of Adam once He was very proud when created Adam even he ask the angels and Ginnies to kneel front of Adam kneel front of His creation he was very proud very proud look were we standing today were are we going who we following violence Blood war crime lie cheating.violence is not the answer for peace a state of violence disturbance and disorder As in politics or social condition and instability in the atmosphere.crime rate so high on every level every field Corruption incredibly high no one to stop leadership polition and social sector and Religious leadership lack of Integrity or honesty especially susceptibility to bribery violate every rules in the book in society violence corruption and hate in the name of religion beneficiary behind this restoring the society the process of decay By fungal action a gradual decrease of moral and religious values undergo decay.hope may be some day honest Leadership social and religious sector help relieving pressure compressed society gradually back to normal from atmospheric way or other we all following Satan (eblis) we are playing on his turf by his rules Almost every one supports Stan (eblis)pattern his customary way of operation or behavior.the perceptual structure Satan build up we all trapped in.lie cheating act of swindling by some rich corporate fraudulent schemes and ideas He lead you to believe something is not true misleading trying to defeat human race through trickery or deceit. What we learn and follow from prophet Ibrahim Moses Jesus and prophet Mohammad messenger of god that's not the god ask from us to do violence killing innocent people women and children every day name of democracy and religion Values powerful rich sporting both sides so they can benefit from supply and demand of every thing who is the beneficiary of this violence and war use your wisdom once the god was very proud of your wisdom human you have the ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight.don't let the Satan get you Peace peace peace violence not the answer.A global citizen

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

God universe and Adam!trap greedy rich immoderately desirous of acquiring wealth ardently or excessively Desirous busy expanding there empire feeling pleasurable satisfaction for themselves over average citizen Of lost ill society evil forces control and influence on few cognitive. factor that tends to have an effect On what they do average people trap in there colorful system lacking special distinction. Stock market Another venue of controlling Ill society trap the citizens in there well design Sketch plan.system Something intended as a guide for making of something else anticipated outcome that is intended or that Guides there planned action.mostly products or company producing the products sale through stock market Prices increase or( down temporary)every day by selling and buying heavy gambling on stocks prices increase Not that cost of products increase every day not the cost of labour or wages increase every day 3/% yearly Increase understandable not every day oil prices increase in a steady manner a phenomenon that follows and Is caused by some previous phenomenon steady increase of oil prices effects on every things cost of production Increase cost of transportation increase prices of products increase because of stock market trade on oil Refresh of memory cost of labor not increase every day process of refine the oil not increase every day why Prices increase in steady manner.who is beneficial of this who suffer.few beneficial average citizens pay the Price they suffer citizens are trapped in very powerful system no one can escape establish the colors and Principal values well organized implemented the quality positive or negative that renders something desirable Or valuable.value or de value measured by what must be given or undergone to obtain something public represen- -tative or not public representative not justify the job or watch public interest mostly work for capitalist Or corporate for there benefit not for the people they represents citrate of this planet continue to live Through hardship or adversity to survive society need survivalist not a survivor

Sunday, September 15, 2013

God universe and Adam.peace what is peace/ a treaty to cease hostilities the absence of mental stress or Anxiety harmonious relation or stat of prevailing during the absence of war(we are in war between light and darkness ) Or general security of public implement the rules under the religious path sport the religion that's a basic Frame work of peace and one of the pillar of healthy society.when I look around the global society citizen Of this planet children of Adam a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some Ill defined Misfortune a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders Accompanied by compulsive behavior or attack of panic mass fear and anxiety over anticipated evants sad feeling Of gloom and inadequacy sunken depressed citizens are experiencing state of depression and Anhedonia inability To experience pleasure a mental state of characterized by a pessimistic sens of inadequacy and a despondent Lack of acuity. Were are we going darkness pushing this human race childerns of Adam deeper and deeper evil force has powerful Effect or influence Satan(eblis)laughing on us looking up asking god(Allah)is this your creation you were very Proud when you created Adam is this your best of the best you ever created your master piece of art I destroy your Creation your best art work the all follow me this is my world they all my follower I am successor they discover Me ascertain the course of development every day in darkness. Brothers and sisters are we happy were we are today is that we learn from prophet Ibrahim prophet Moses and Jesus and prophet Mohammad don't answer me ask yourself who you follow were you standing.suffer the loss fail To perceive to catch with the senses of the mind fail to keep or maintain do not allow Satan to destroy you or Fail you you still have a time look inside of you light is there push the darkness you can do it.a global citizen

Thursday, August 22, 2013

God universe and Adam: God universe and Adam.super big bang universe was ...

God universe and Adam: God universe and Adam.super big bang universe was ...: God universe and Adam.super big bang universe was created in million of second unbelievable event phenomenon Remarkable unbelievably philoso...
God universe and Adam.super big bang universe was created in million of second unbelievable event phenomenon Remarkable unbelievably philosophical doctrine located at a single point in space time event planner occurrence In million of second.when I look around the space from our solar system to our galaxy to whole universe it's Unbelievable event very well calculated system decorative artistic work the act of working out the form of Something by making a sketch outline the the planets circulate around the stars from millions to billion Of years its not a magic it's not a incident or coincident subordinate in significance or occurring concomitant It's a very well calculated system it's a math and physics the science of matter and energy and the interaction Gravity the force of attraction between all masses in the universe it's unbelievable knowledgeable force master Of science master of physics and math.who is that power behind this who is that force who is that creator.god One and only master of universes god I believe in.he created the universe and life in different shape before He create the Adam and eve but Adam was his final touch a fine art the best of best he ever created a complete Package perfect and complete in every was created before Adam mostly were designe to do what ever Ask them to do or very limited knowledge.he is a creator have a power and knowledge of create the things none of The life he created has a power of creativity and knowledge like Adam.Adam has the knowledge power of creation If angel have the wings to fly or any other power to fly we the childern of Adam create and designe the plane Or other flying objects to fly that's a creation create the system of communication tv phone computer list goes On and on look around you what we created we create the things like master we are the reflection of god it's like When you look yourself in mirror your image on the other side.Adam was reflection of god but he is real we are Just a reflection image he was very proud when he create the Adam the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation Of character or ideals .brothers and sisters don't let him down.son of Adam a global citizen.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God universe and Adam.bridge to haven-five pillar of Islam.I explain first two pillars of Islam faith+prayer I will explain how I feel about next three pillar of Islam/zakat/fasting/and hajj.five pillars of Islam are The frame work of of Muslims life.3rd pillar zakat.original meaning of zakat is purification the act of purging Of sin or guilt a process of removing impurities which is purification and zakat specified percent Percentage on certain properties give 2and half%on your properties gold silver and cash.for needy people a Person may also give as much he or she please as voluntary charity.first welfare system Islam introduced take The money from the people have properties cash gold give to the needy people implement of this pillar zakat Apply in a consistent manner very successful for healthy society successful implement of zakat no one die with Hunger system was introduced 1400 years a go.collecting zakat and honestly distribution arrangement of values Or theoretical frequency of occurrence. the month of Ramadan every Muslim fast from dawn to sunset abstaining from food drink sexual relation Not to lie or cheat respect /esteem of regard courteous regard for people feeling of friendship good behavior Intended to please every one fasting not benefit to health esteemed or respect and well regards also method of Spiritual self purification systematic training for your soul physical exercise practice carry out for rest of The year who is the beneficiary master or us. 5-hajj.the annual pilgrimage hajj to Makkah once a life time for those who are physically and financially able To perform.people comes from all over the world you get a chance to meet the people other culture all the knowle- -dge and values thoughts shared highly developed relation with others. These are 5pillars of islam superbly Design framework something intended as a guide for making this society unharmed and peaceful if we follow these 5 pillars of Islam no one die with hunger no harm no physical damage no violence this planet would be haven. That's how I feel how u feel. A global citizen.

Friday, July 26, 2013

God universe and Adam! Bridge to haven-5pillar of Islam.I will to talk about first 2- pillar of Islam(faith) Shahada,2-(prayer)salah. 1-faith,shahada-la ilaha Illa allahmuhammaddur rasoolu Allah/ there is only one god no one has the right to Be worship but god(Allah)alone Muhammad is the messenger of loyalty or allegiance complete confidence Strong belief on messenger of god superpower that control human distiny. 2-prayer,salah-prayer in Islam direct link between worshipper and god also philosophy system of belief to put Large grope of people under one roof five time a day.a doctrine by adherents to a philosophy system of belief To see and meet get together for holly and specific purpose and get to know.that's how you make the bridge What is the bridge,connect two side for is very important to build a bridge between two sides To communicate in civilize society,more bridge you make more communication with brothers.share your happiness And your thoughts develop process of using your mind considerate of the feeling being of the others.society base on people not on individual person living separate and distinct from others cannot be part of society Prayer not Only link between worshipper and god also prayer under one roof with others make link and respect and recognize Other human being.make me think is prayers the only thing master ask for just prayers make him happy.god have million of sources angels kneel and pray day and nights,he do not need us we need him any thing master ask us to do we are the beneficiary not the master any thing he ask us to do has the reason.3- zakat 4- fasting 5 hajj explain in next chapter god bless you citizen.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

God universe and Adam!Bridge to haven-five pillarsvof Islam.when god given Adam a second chance give him the most Gifted planet.planet earth were wealth and precious metal stones and objects kept of green lungs golden Field land for crops treasury hidden in land.master knew Adams childerns will finds the way use all the sources To use all hidden treasury use there wisdom possession of knowledge power of creativity.and have the ability to Make this planet a haven.then master tide up this planet in gravitational net around the sun.the mass of a body as measured by it's gravitational attraction for other bodies.protect the earth make shield with others planets circling alongside the earth around the sun there gravity some of the planets massive gravity pull mostly objects Coming from space then earths own gravity and rings around the planet design of artistic work a preliminary sketch Indicating that was plan to save plants from solar flare and others objects.for Adams childerns to teach them to Live in civilized society use there wisdom and all the power and knowledge god has given them then master send thousands of prophets to teach us not only obey his command and also use our ability to create and live in healthy peaceful society.prophet Ibrahim Moses, Jesus,and prophet Mohammad was last prophet massanger of god,prophet Mohammad deliver the massage(Quran)and introduce the Islam.what is Islam what is the massage Islam base of five Pillars.1-(faith shahada).2-(prayer salah).3-(zakat).4-(fasting).5-(hajj pilgrimage). I will explain it meaning of five pillars it's not only connects the worshipper and god and also it is design Tide up human race to live in peaceful and healthy society.What is meaning of 5- pillars of islam I will explain To be continue on next chept Friday.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

God Adam and universe

God universe and Adam! -gread like I said before is a cancer in society uncontrolled tumor a cell free held to To be a virus responsible for a specific neoplasms rapidly expanding.society departing from normal To abnormal very Ill. condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental Fitness delay action in progress disadvantage against capitalist or corporate colorful system Of philosophical and theological doctrines composed element of Platonism and fake aristotelianism They system and structure they build up make you handicap unable to perform part of healthy society. Injured permanently ?is there any hope to come back do I ever see healthy society god's dream Adam's World.Satan(eblis)laughing producing sound of great volume or intensity looking human god's creation Fine art of master's empire I destroy the gene I destroyed the Adam gene who could a think whole cen Tury is mine I own the century look around you greed ,lie hate crime murder in name of war name of dem Ocracy a political system in which the supreme power lies on the dead body of citizens.Satan uttering Inarticulate cry as a pain of excitement they all follow me they all walking on my foot step.he forgotten This is master's creation cannot be destroyed yes we lost the track.but there is a light end of the tunnel There is passageway push the darkness force a way have to establish desire to learn effort to Calculate difference between dark(negative)and light(positive).use influence of your positive side light Is inside of you we forgotten what we learn from prophet Ibrahim prophet moses Jesus and last prophet ! Prophet Mohammad messenger of god. Let me give you sons figure ask yourself who is responsible for this. People die from hunger 23966 a day Toxic chemical released in environment 4,741,432 a year Forest lost 2,518,058 hectares a year Public military exp 3,570,116,682 a year illegal drug sold a year $ 193,693,545,884 Computer sold this years 170,440,338 T.v. Set sold worldwide 552,100 a day Cell phone sold 4,080,845 a day Video games sold 138,900,881 a day Who is responsible people die with hunger toxic chemical released forest disappear every year unnoticeable. A global citizen

Sunday, June 23, 2013

God universe and Adam!greed,excessive desire to acquire or possess more specially more meterial wealth than one needs or desire.greed is like a cancer in the society malignant growth of tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division.society controlled by rich corporate are growing bigger and bigger average people suffering. Controlling most of the global economy all resources supply and demand system of production and distribution and Consumption.few beneficial run the corporate create the demand and control the supply.average citizen suffering Simply try to servvive continue to live through hardship or adversity.their life and brain engaged and accupied By rich their ability shrinking and desire to purchase goods and services increasing system unbalance leading us to hell crime rate are so high insensible war,s seeding hate in the name of religion sliding deeper and deeper in dark Side.when you will learn human! When when.when god get,s mad no way to run.a global citizen.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

God universe and Adam!Satan was commander of all ginnis person of exceptional holiness made with fire and carbon atom assistant to god.kneel and pray more then any other ginnis and angel very proud what he has don for god may be too proud of his position too proud of his power that god has given him but he forgotten if god give you he can take it back he is the master.kneel and pray always thanks to him what he has given to you.why Satan (eblis)was thrown out of god,s kingdom (ref from Quran).when he create the universe and life in different shapes star and galaxy a collection of star system tied up in gravitational net.angel,s and ginnis obey his command kneel and pray day and nights.god was not satisfied what he created best yet has to come his final touch best of the best he ever created.that was Adam.when he create the adam he was very proud of his master work of art and artistic value most outstanding work of art a complete package.then he ask the angel and ginnis kneel front of Adam kneel kneel! All the angel,s and ginnis kneel front of Adam no one question to god has to obey but god see the question in angel,s eyes why front of Adam sweet nature angel,s knows they kneel front of no one but god but question was there.Stan(belis)the only one who refuse to kneel said you are the master I obey any thing you ask for only and only I kneel front of you not for Adam refuse to obey his command.god see the question in angel,e eyes and said you want to know what is the difference between you and Adam he call the Adam make him sit front of him then god call some names some words some sentences and ask the angel,s can you repeat it angel,s answer mighty god we don't have a knowledge of it we cannot repeat it then god ask the same question to Adam can you repeate it Adam repeated everything god said every word he said that's the difference between you and Adam god said what I know you don't know (exect word in Quran).Adam was reflection of god has power of creativity like god we create the things what we need angels and ginnis do not have power of creativity they are design to do what they have to do.when god ask the angel,s kneel front of Adam that was not Adam,s supremacy that order to kneel for his creation final touch of his masterpiece in his created empire deference between Adam and angel,s they are design to do the things do not have a knowledge and wisdom not creative like god.Adam was not only extreme religious had knowledge and wisdom power of creativity greatest possible degree or extent or intensity if angels have the wings to fly or any other power to fly we can fly without the wings we made the flying objects look around what we have created we are reflection of god.some day we will be out of this planet or some of us go to other planets then other planet out of solar system one galaxy to other galaxy to other universe and one day Adam,s children will be standing front of god. And god will tell angel,s did not I tell you what I know you don't know he will be very proud to see his creative art finish his journey come cross the universe.Satan was thrown out of his kingdom god want him to see what Adam did and created then he will get his final punishment on judgment day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God universe and Adam.fear,what is fear! fear an emotion experience in anticipation of specific pain danger accompanied by a desire to flee or fight or feel of profound respect for someone or something regard with feeling.fear is a big part in civilize and healthy keep it safe and free from danger and harm.we learned from god and his messengers to make the rules and regulation to live in healthy and peaceful society draw the line set the penalty anyone cross the line get the punishment.that's fear without a fear this society would be a hell fear leads us exercising or showing good judgment.god gave us from day first principle and methods of instruction what to do what not to do set penalty and to obey get the reward.

Friday, June 7, 2013

God universe and Adam.I always wonder why Adam was thrown out from haven.what he did so wrong he was punished that bad penalty was so huge not obedient not follow instruction from the authority.why he thrown out of the haven.haven was created for Adam and eve and for childerns of Adam some thing went really wrong.I study every book lead to Adam and Satan and haven go back in history claim Adam eat wheet or apple or grain or some reddish fruit doesn't specified what kind of fruit just to eat fruit was thrown out from haven punishment is so big.god told Adam what to eat what not to eat what to do what not to do.that's a democracy a freedom of choice. God seeded democracy from the day first gave the Adam freedom of choice but punishment was huge.I try to decode after I study of every reddish fruit I find out that was fig Adam eat.fig contain carbon atom(carbon monoxide)and carbon atom has 6-electron(-particle) 6-proton(+particle) 6-neutron(0 charge particle)666 that's a Satan.Satan was made with carbon fire make Adam eat fig with carbon atom to destroy the gene.Adam did not obey the instruction pure soul was destroyed that's why Adam was thrown out of haven.that's why we have so much negativity human lean more negative side then positive know I understand why the punishment was so huge gene was destroyed did not obey follow Satan part of his plan. But god is great gave Adam second chance make him settle on this planet.and send 180 some thousands prophets to teach us to live in civilization society I want you to look inside of you Satan is inside of you but you are reflection of god light is inside of you follow the light you will defeat the darkness. It is another little part of my book.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Super big bang.universe was created in million of the second.when I look around the space from our solar system to our galaxy from our galaxy to whole universe it's unbelievable very well the planets circulate around the stars from the million to billions of's not a magic it is not a incident or coincident. It is very well calculated system it's a math and physics the science of matter and energy and their interaction gravity the force of attraction between all masses in the's unbelievable knowledgeable force.master of science master of physics and math.who is that force a god and the only god I believe in.he created the universe and the life in different shape before he create the Adam and eve but Adam was his final touch a fine art best of the best he ever created.(I will prove that in my book which is almost finish it is a small part of my book).let me give you some example life was created before Adam mostly were designe to do what ever ask them to do or very limited knowledge.he is a creator have power and knowledge of create the things. None of the life he created has a power of creativity And knowledge like Adam.Adam has the knowledge power of creation.we the hildern of Adam creat the things we need it we do not have wings to fly we made the plane and other flying object create the system of communication tv phone computer list goes longer and longer That's a creation we create the things like him look around you you will find million of things that Adams children created.we are reflection of the god it's like when you look yourself in mirror your image on the other side Adam was reflection of the god but he is real we are just a reflection image.he was very proud when he create and sister don't let him down.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

God universe and Adam: God universe and Adam.

God universe and Adam: God universe and Adam.: Democracy/freedom of choice I always ask my self are we human live in so called civilize society are we really free have a freedom of choice after looking every angle of society we live in my answer was we are not free we do not have a freedom of choice.aim not free aim slave a slave of system that created from the rich and greedy people.system! That's the net we trapped in fiber of the net is so thin naked eye cannot see so powerful you cannot escape,so colorful you cannot ignore we want to be part of that we want to float in that colorful cloud.but the dark behind the colors we cannot see.system rules and regulation tell us what to eat what to wear how to live what to do.use laws and regulation to force and obey use media advertise and every source to implemented there ideas what ever suits and benefit them rich hawks.aim not against rules and regulation to live in society but the only rules that benifit every one not few I will explain my next segment how we are trapped in this system how this works.we run to follow that colors to catch or to part to be that buitiful my friends illusion,you works day night months and years till the time runs out.that's what I feel that's what I think what you think. A global citizen.

Monday, May 27, 2013

God universe and Adam.

Democracy/freedom of choice I always ask my self are we human live in so called civilize society are we really free have a freedom of choice.after looking every angle of society we live in my answer was we do not have a freedom of choice.aim not free soul aim slave a slave of the system that created from the rich and greedy people.system the net we trapped in fiber of the net so thin the naked eye cannot see so powerful you can not colorful so bright and magical but the dark behind colors we can not and greedy hawk behind the golden wall tell us what to eat what to wear how to live what to do.use media advertise use laws rules and regulation to live in society.rules that benefit group of rich.we run and follow colors to catch or part of beautiful my friends that's illusion you work day and night weeks months and years to be part of the colors till the time run out.that's what I see I feel what you feel.A global citizen son of Adam.