Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God universe and Adam.bridge to haven-five pillar of Islam.I explain first two pillars of Islam faith+prayer I will explain how I feel about next three pillar of Islam/zakat/fasting/and hajj.five pillars of Islam are The frame work of of Muslims life.3rd pillar zakat.original meaning of zakat is purification the act of purging Of sin or guilt a process of removing impurities which is purification and growth.giving zakat specified percent Percentage on certain properties give 2and half%on your properties gold silver and cash.for needy people a Person may also give as much he or she please as voluntary charity.first welfare system Islam introduced take The money from the people have properties cash gold give to the needy people implement of this pillar zakat Apply in a consistent manner very successful for healthy society successful implement of zakat no one die with Hunger system was introduced 1400 years a go.collecting zakat and honestly distribution arrangement of values Or theoretical frequency of occurrence. 4-fasting.in the month of Ramadan every Muslim fast from dawn to sunset abstaining from food drink sexual relation Not to lie or cheat respect /esteem of regard courteous regard for people feeling of friendship good behavior Intended to please every one fasting not benefit to health esteemed or respect and well regards also method of Spiritual self purification systematic training for your soul physical exercise practice carry out for rest of The year who is the beneficiary master or us. 5-hajj.the annual pilgrimage hajj to Makkah once a life time for those who are physically and financially able To perform.people comes from all over the world you get a chance to meet the people other culture all the knowle- -dge and values thoughts shared highly developed relation with others. These are 5pillars of islam superbly Design framework something intended as a guide for making this society unharmed and peaceful if we follow these 5 pillars of Islam no one die with hunger no harm no physical damage no violence this planet would be haven. That's how I feel how u feel. A global citizen.