Thursday, May 30, 2013

God universe and Adam: God universe and Adam.

God universe and Adam: God universe and Adam.: Democracy/freedom of choice I always ask my self are we human live in so called civilize society are we really free have a freedom of choice after looking every angle of society we live in my answer was we are not free we do not have a freedom of choice.aim not free aim slave a slave of system that created from the rich and greedy people.system! That's the net we trapped in fiber of the net is so thin naked eye cannot see so powerful you cannot escape,so colorful you cannot ignore we want to be part of that we want to float in that colorful cloud.but the dark behind the colors we cannot see.system rules and regulation tell us what to eat what to wear how to live what to do.use laws and regulation to force and obey use media advertise and every source to implemented there ideas what ever suits and benefit them rich hawks.aim not against rules and regulation to live in society but the only rules that benifit every one not few I will explain my next segment how we are trapped in this system how this works.we run to follow that colors to catch or to part to be that buitiful my friends illusion,you works day night months and years till the time runs out.that's what I feel that's what I think what you think. A global citizen.