Saturday, July 6, 2013

God Adam and universe

God universe and Adam! -gread like I said before is a cancer in society uncontrolled tumor a cell free held to To be a virus responsible for a specific neoplasms rapidly expanding.society departing from normal To abnormal very Ill. condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental Fitness delay action in progress disadvantage against capitalist or corporate colorful system Of philosophical and theological doctrines composed element of Platonism and fake aristotelianism They system and structure they build up make you handicap unable to perform part of healthy society. Injured permanently ?is there any hope to come back do I ever see healthy society god's dream Adam's World.Satan(eblis)laughing producing sound of great volume or intensity looking human god's creation Fine art of master's empire I destroy the gene I destroyed the Adam gene who could a think whole cen Tury is mine I own the century look around you greed ,lie hate crime murder in name of war name of dem Ocracy a political system in which the supreme power lies on the dead body of citizens.Satan uttering Inarticulate cry as a pain of excitement they all follow me they all walking on my foot step.he forgotten This is master's creation cannot be destroyed yes we lost the track.but there is a light end of the tunnel There is passageway push the darkness force a way have to establish desire to learn effort to Calculate difference between dark(negative)and light(positive).use influence of your positive side light Is inside of you we forgotten what we learn from prophet Ibrahim prophet moses Jesus and last prophet ! Prophet Mohammad messenger of god. Let me give you sons figure ask yourself who is responsible for this. People die from hunger 23966 a day Toxic chemical released in environment 4,741,432 a year Forest lost 2,518,058 hectares a year Public military exp 3,570,116,682 a year illegal drug sold a year $ 193,693,545,884 Computer sold this years 170,440,338 T.v. Set sold worldwide 552,100 a day Cell phone sold 4,080,845 a day Video games sold 138,900,881 a day Who is responsible people die with hunger toxic chemical released forest disappear every year unnoticeable. A global citizen