Friday, June 7, 2013

God universe and Adam.I always wonder why Adam was thrown out from haven.what he did so wrong he was punished that bad penalty was so huge not obedient not follow instruction from the authority.why he thrown out of the haven.haven was created for Adam and eve and for childerns of Adam some thing went really wrong.I study every book lead to Adam and Satan and haven go back in history claim Adam eat wheet or apple or grain or some reddish fruit doesn't specified what kind of fruit just to eat fruit was thrown out from haven punishment is so big.god told Adam what to eat what not to eat what to do what not to do.that's a democracy a freedom of choice. God seeded democracy from the day first gave the Adam freedom of choice but punishment was huge.I try to decode after I study of every reddish fruit I find out that was fig Adam eat.fig contain carbon atom(carbon monoxide)and carbon atom has 6-electron(-particle) 6-proton(+particle) 6-neutron(0 charge particle)666 that's a Satan.Satan was made with carbon fire make Adam eat fig with carbon atom to destroy the gene.Adam did not obey the instruction pure soul was destroyed that's why Adam was thrown out of haven.that's why we have so much negativity human lean more negative side then positive know I understand why the punishment was so huge gene was destroyed did not obey follow Satan part of his plan. But god is great gave Adam second chance make him settle on this planet.and send 180 some thousands prophets to teach us to live in civilization society I want you to look inside of you Satan is inside of you but you are reflection of god light is inside of you follow the light you will defeat the darkness. It is another little part of my book.