Thursday, July 25, 2013

God universe and Adam!Bridge to haven-five pillarsvof Islam.when god given Adam a second chance give him the most Gifted planet.planet earth were wealth and precious metal stones and objects kept of green lungs golden Field land for crops treasury hidden in land.master knew Adams childerns will finds the way use all the sources To use all hidden treasury use there wisdom possession of knowledge power of creativity.and have the ability to Make this planet a haven.then master tide up this planet in gravitational net around the sun.the mass of a body as measured by it's gravitational attraction for other bodies.protect the earth make shield with others planets circling alongside the earth around the sun there gravity some of the planets massive gravity pull mostly objects Coming from space then earths own gravity and rings around the planet design of artistic work a preliminary sketch Indicating that was plan to save plants from solar flare and others objects.for Adams childerns to teach them to Live in civilized society use there wisdom and all the power and knowledge god has given them then master send thousands of prophets to teach us not only obey his command and also use our ability to create and live in healthy peaceful society.prophet Ibrahim Moses, Jesus,and prophet Mohammad was last prophet massanger of god,prophet Mohammad deliver the massage(Quran)and introduce the Islam.what is Islam what is the massage Islam base of five Pillars.1-(faith shahada).2-(prayer salah).3-(zakat).4-(fasting).5-(hajj pilgrimage). I will explain it meaning of five pillars it's not only connects the worshipper and god and also it is design Tide up human race to live in peaceful and healthy society.What is meaning of 5- pillars of islam I will explain To be continue on next chept Friday.