Thursday, November 7, 2013

God universe and Adam,same sex relation its a very sensitive issue being susceptible to the attitudes,feeling,or circumstances of others lot of people ask me my opinion on same sex relation sexually attracted to member of your Own sex.mostly of the time political leaders and religious leader avoid to the point answer there opinion or answer very diplomatic not bold on the issue.iwill not pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness not interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing I will be very honest on this matter will say what ever I feel.I do not judge and challenge peoples choice believe on freedom of choice. Meaning of gay-ADJ-bright and pleasant or brightly colored and showy sex!the properties that distinguish of reproductive rules the act of reproduction myself believing on god and his will his creation capability of conscious choice and decision and intention god's will our existence(act of reproduction).when god created Adam then ave/only one Adam and one ave not two Adam and two ave if god has created two and more Adam ave I would think twice on same sex relation.there was only one Adam and one ave beside other expectations god gave Adam pleasure moment and act of reproduction,produce more individuals and there childerns repeat and recreate same image what has created act of reproduction is not possible on same sex relation my believe and understanding that's never been a god's will same sex relation he created only one couple who associate with one another made performed with purpose and intent.master created mostly life including human(his last creation)in two categories male and female into which most organisms are divided.a living thing that has(or can devolpe)the ability to act or function independently.the way master creat the life in two categories and paint the picture perfect specially in Adams and ave case being complete of it's kind and without defect or blemish,how can I go against it if I go it's not justification of his art and the rules it's a crime cross the line against his will it's a foolish act of defending or explaining excuses for by wrong reasoning in the name of freedom of choice what god gave us from day first but set the rules explain the Adam what is wrong or right and promised act in right manner will be rewarded violating the rules get Quran's sura almuzamal God says stay away from the people who cross the line violate the rules do not follow god's will make wrong choices massage I send by my massagers (by all prophets)not following they are lost they will not pay attention will not listen to you leave them alone I will ask them them they will answer to me I will punish to them on judgement sisters and brothers I express my feeling on same sex relation respect freedom of choice leave up to master to judge and decide.a global citizen