Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God universe and Adam,sura almudasar from Quran,god send the massage through prophet Mohammad you are in deep sleep Surrounded by darkness lacking enlightenment or knowledge of truth stemming evil characteristics or force marked by difficulty of style or expression evil make you believe and follow witch is not even his believe.you are like a Natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world suspended mesmerized by Stan having your attention fixated by a spell trapped in his extremely evil net of darkness.that's not what you are that's not I expected from you that's not what you learn from my massagers wake up tell your sister and brothers gods greatness (you are his great work of art)your major significant or importance his creation remarkable or out of the ordinary spell a psychological state induced a magical incantation in a degree or magnitude of effect wake up you have to achieve distinction and honor in every field not effected by evil ideas but what you learn from prophet Ibrahim Moses Jesus and last prophet Mohammad the massager of god also master says in sura almudasar stay away from unpleasantly stormy evil atmosphere correct your behavior obscenity or indecency unethical or dishonesty do not violate accepted standards of humanity not expressing or revealing hostility or dislike or improper behavior also master say in sura almudasar if you help others or contributes to fulfillment of need or furtherance an effort or purpose not for reward if you help others without any attempt to acquire or gain something not seeking or expecting any reward I will reward you in your life or after life share your wealth your knowledge your time I will reward you stay away from materialism greed will lead you to desire more wealth material possession an act of controlled absence of light or illumination absence moral or spiritual values an unenlightened state leading us to deeper and deeper in dark side wake up you still have a time.A global citizen
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