Friday, October 11, 2013

God universe and Adam.peace and violence sad very sad when I look around the turbulent plant violence an act Of aggression against peace or who ever resists for peace.planet a home of god's best creation home of Adam once He was very proud when created Adam even he ask the angels and Ginnies to kneel front of Adam kneel front of His creation he was very proud very proud look were we standing today were are we going who we following violence Blood war crime lie cheating.violence is not the answer for peace a state of violence disturbance and disorder As in politics or social condition and instability in the atmosphere.crime rate so high on every level every field Corruption incredibly high no one to stop leadership polition and social sector and Religious leadership lack of Integrity or honesty especially susceptibility to bribery violate every rules in the book in society violence corruption and hate in the name of religion beneficiary behind this restoring the society the process of decay By fungal action a gradual decrease of moral and religious values undergo decay.hope may be some day honest Leadership social and religious sector help relieving pressure compressed society gradually back to normal from atmospheric way or other we all following Satan (eblis) we are playing on his turf by his rules Almost every one supports Stan (eblis)pattern his customary way of operation or behavior.the perceptual structure Satan build up we all trapped in.lie cheating act of swindling by some rich corporate fraudulent schemes and ideas He lead you to believe something is not true misleading trying to defeat human race through trickery or deceit. What we learn and follow from prophet Ibrahim Moses Jesus and prophet Mohammad messenger of god that's not the god ask from us to do violence killing innocent people women and children every day name of democracy and religion Values powerful rich sporting both sides so they can benefit from supply and demand of every thing who is the beneficiary of this violence and war use your wisdom once the god was very proud of your wisdom human you have the ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight.don't let the Satan get you Peace peace peace violence not the answer.A global citizen
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