Friday, July 26, 2013

God universe and Adam! Bridge to haven-5pillar of Islam.I will to talk about first 2- pillar of Islam(faith) Shahada,2-(prayer)salah. 1-faith,shahada-la ilaha Illa allahmuhammaddur rasoolu Allah/ there is only one god no one has the right to Be worship but god(Allah)alone Muhammad is the messenger of loyalty or allegiance complete confidence Strong belief on messenger of god superpower that control human distiny. 2-prayer,salah-prayer in Islam direct link between worshipper and god also philosophy system of belief to put Large grope of people under one roof five time a day.a doctrine by adherents to a philosophy system of belief To see and meet get together for holly and specific purpose and get to know.that's how you make the bridge What is the bridge,connect two side for is very important to build a bridge between two sides To communicate in civilize society,more bridge you make more communication with brothers.share your happiness And your thoughts develop process of using your mind considerate of the feeling being of the others.society base on people not on individual person living separate and distinct from others cannot be part of society Prayer not Only link between worshipper and god also prayer under one roof with others make link and respect and recognize Other human being.make me think is prayers the only thing master ask for just prayers make him happy.god have million of sources angels kneel and pray day and nights,he do not need us we need him any thing master ask us to do we are the beneficiary not the master any thing he ask us to do has the reason.3- zakat 4- fasting 5 hajj explain in next chapter god bless you citizen.
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