Friday, December 27, 2013

God universe and Adam-freedom fighter or outlaw of afghan pak tribe one of the turbulent part of this planet Killing the peace intentionally and with premeditation by outlaw and other claiming outlaw thought and intention to commit a crime well in advance of the time,other side planning or plotting in advance of acting. Before I go furthermore make mention some history,genghis khan mongolian emperor whose empire stretch from Mongolia to black sea to pacific ocean (1162-1227).a great conqueror take possession of by force as after an invasion taking by force what ever desire act of stealing looting valuable things from every ware looting was There main profession khans of Mongolia have a history destroy everything after looting,genghis khan went taskent (Uzbekistan)and bagdad via afghanistan, khans destroyed these cities many time left there barbarian impact without civilizing influence every ware some afghan tribe still follow barbarian culture ill bred.still under barbaric influences no it's seem to be barbarian impact every ware every part of the world striking of one body against another. The violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat waged the war against Ill society,who is responsible for this governments or political leaders or system. Every social political system has failed us system should be composed of sociable people or formed for the purpose Of sociability,there seems to be no happy outcome to the political and economic mess of the planet humans every ware live in misery every year every month it gets worse more poverty,hunger homelessness,we cannot move around On this planet freely we cannot live where we choose to live,we have to follow rules and laws that we did not agree We have to work to pay taxes in return what we get it's unbalance system an act of limiting,The restriction are Endless a small groups royal and political families and banking elite families took controls of the world,global economics collapse is imminent.what we have to do system collapse,do we have to find a new system it's broken it cannot be fixed or we have to find honest leadership for this planet.Satan is very happy and laughing on us we are Playing on his rules following him I am not hopeless someone some day some survivalist will save this planet lead Us to build healthy and peaceful society.(a global citizen).
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