Thursday, December 12, 2013

God universe and Adam-freedom fighter or out law of this planet,number of entities considered as a unit of jihadees or freedom fighters(pirate of Africa out law of middle east afganistan and Pakistan)few groupe of out law anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides there planned brutal action or disposed to inflict pain to suffering society.pretend and waged so called a holly struggle or striving for moral or spiritual goal in the name of holly war by some groups of outlaw(specially in pak afghan tribe area)illegality as a consequence of unlawful act,call a jihad know nothing about Islam(neither media)make believe with the intent to deceive represent fictitiously as a play or pretend to be a act of jihad.put forward of guess of Islamic study and lack of knowledge of structure of Islam and holly Quran and massage of God Prophet Mohammad SAW the messenger of God.killing innocent people women,children attack with bombs in public places,places of worship mosque church and temple not regards for people feeling or life no respect for Muslims or any other religion all children of Adam and eve why hate each other also a massage in holly Quran god says some groups from you pretend a Muslim they are lost follow Satan leave them alone they will not listen to you I will punish them in their life or after life.these out law seems to be faraway from Islam outlaw violate the international law and Islamic law by kidnaping and killing innocent people in sea or land tribal or populated area every ware in this turbulent planet shame to these groups of outlaw waged the war against the civilization for money and sold their soul to Satan rich corporates using them to sell their weapon And other benefits citizen of this planet living in misery.only question how they get the expensive weapons they don't have a money to buy one time meal.leaders of third world as corrupt as outlaw corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality make illegal payment to in exchange for favor or influence to these groups of out law One global human family divided in the name of religion or name of democracy or social ideas,the doctrine that the Numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group are controlled by rich corporate freedom of choice,democracy buried some ware Satan experiencing manifesting pleasure feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which measures by civilized society and what we learn from prophet Ibrahim,Moses, Jesus,and prophet Mohammad SAW massager of God, unfortunate development,feel shame a painful emotion resulting from non awareness inadequacy and guilt compel through sense of shame dishonor upon lacking of integrity,friends I didn't give up ground for feeling hopeful for the future.samsalim A global citizen (part one).
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