Sunday, November 24, 2013

God universe and Adam-misinterpretation of religion religious in observing the rules and misrepresentation of religion did more damage in society then anything els.followers accept the leadership with blind faith not pursue the truth carry out and participate in an activity individuals adherent strictly to law and rules and customs implemented by the religious leaders who make them separated and distinct from others and use them for their purpose to make their masters happy.followers lacking sense or awareness misleaded in wrong direction by their religious leaders.disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others.general direction from the religious leaders in which something tend to move is misleading and misinterpretation of religion.thousands of innocent people women childerns die every day in the war in different part of the world in the name of freedom or religion.peace lost and buried in act of war causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorder accompanied by compulsive behavior or attack of panic.planet that once home for god's best creation.create by artistic means pursue a creative activity look like a graveyard of human race.emotional distress symptom of physical hurt and disorder in society cause emotional anguish or make miserable fellow citizens stan is very proud of you the way you are sporting and exhibiting his rules the game of the darkness your mind seized and controlled by stanic invasion.stanic ideas seeded spread of evil pathogenic microorganism or malignant cells to new site in the body the act of evil invading in you will face to the master day at the end of the time when will decree the fates of all individual human according to the good and evil of their earthly life.( samsalim a global citizen).
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