Monday, June 23, 2014

God universe and Adam

God universe and Adam-imagination and fantasy world it's a fiction with a large amount of imagination in it,we all live in our fantasy world (large or small)if anyone don't have a fantasy world dream of futher he or she not normal have to have a dream some comes in reality some wiped out and it's all how you make the foundation and fundamental assumption from which something is begun or developed and calculated and experience that determine how things appear to you. I am dreamer live in my fantasy world Adams world god's dream give to Adam give Adams a 2nd chance send him to this planet make your own haven give him wisdom all the tools power of creativity,implement the rules with masters kindness and his greatness your wisdom use in practice,pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue,apply in a manner consistent with it's purpose or design ensure observance of laws and rules what we learn from his messengers,prophet Ibrahim,Moses,Jesus,and last prophet/prophet Mohammad massager of god.sad very sad we are lost society unable to function no longer possession or control spiritually and physically doomed and destroyed looks incapable of being recovered or regained,Thick darkness surrounded this planet extremely evil forces in control humanity buried looks graveyard of humanity Satan proud very proud on his followers whom they helping him to destroy the human race I always have a hope with desire intend with some possibility of fulfillment will not give up hope of my fantasy world Adams world hope some day we all live one family respect and love each others,I believe lot of good human out there some day they will turn the table defeat the Satan bring back my fantasy world Adams world make masters proud what he claimed once he created Adam best of the best of his all creation don't let him down. A global citizen
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