Sunday, June 29, 2014

God universe and Adam

(1) Anyone around ! Person shows loyalty or a allegiance to cause complete confidence strong believe of destiny,a good friend don't let him or her go from your side .author samsalim (2) Anyone fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind fail to keep or to maintain fail to win a foolish friend,stay away from the perso.samsalim (3) A person have deep feeling desire and attraction a strong positive emotion of regards and affection is a high valued treasure don't loose it,author samsalim (4) Friendship demands loyalty!the act of binding yourself intellectually or emotionally to a course of action,the quality of being feeling of samsalim. (5)a person has the ability to apply knowledge or experience understanding or common sense and insight that's the quality of being prudent and sensible is a true friend,author Sam salim. (6) An emotion of great sadness associated with lose bereavement enjoy the time of your life showing or marked by joy or pleasure enjoy what you have don't worry what you don't have,author Samsalim. (7) A person who has achieved distinction and honor in some field make remarkable out of ordinary and the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight,quality of being prudent,a friend a treasure keep friendship forever,author samsalim. (8) Earn and gain without cheating win something reach a destination through one's samsalim. (9) Someone who leads you to believe something is not true engage in deceitful behavior is not your friend,author samsalim.Lot of readers ask me write about friend and friendship that's how I feel.
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