Tuesday, June 18, 2013

God universe and Adam!Satan was commander of all ginnis person of exceptional holiness made with fire and carbon atom assistant to god.kneel and pray more then any other ginnis and angel very proud what he has don for god may be too proud of his position too proud of his power that god has given him but he forgotten if god give you he can take it back he is the master.kneel and pray always thanks to him what he has given to you.why Satan (eblis)was thrown out of god,s kingdom (ref from Quran).when he create the universe and life in different shapes star and galaxy a collection of star system tied up in gravitational net.angel,s and ginnis obey his command kneel and pray day and nights.god was not satisfied what he created best yet has to come his final touch best of the best he ever created.that was Adam.when he create the adam he was very proud of his master work of art and artistic value most outstanding work of art a complete package.then he ask the angel and ginnis kneel front of Adam kneel kneel! All the angel,s and ginnis kneel front of Adam no one question to god has to obey but god see the question in angel,s eyes why front of Adam sweet nature angel,s knows they kneel front of no one but god but question was there.Stan(belis)the only one who refuse to kneel said you are the master I obey any thing you ask for only and only I kneel front of you not for Adam refuse to obey his command.god see the question in angel,e eyes and said you want to know what is the difference between you and Adam he call the Adam make him sit front of him then god call some names some words some sentences and ask the angel,s can you repeat it angel,s answer mighty god we don't have a knowledge of it we cannot repeat it then god ask the same question to Adam can you repeate it Adam repeated everything god said every word he said that's the difference between you and Adam god said what I know you don't know (exect word in Quran).Adam was reflection of god has power of creativity like god we create the things what we need angels and ginnis do not have power of creativity they are design to do what they have to do.when god ask the angel,s kneel front of Adam that was not Adam,s supremacy that order to kneel for his creation final touch of his masterpiece in his created empire deference between Adam and angel,s they are design to do the things do not have a knowledge and wisdom not creative like god.Adam was not only extreme religious had knowledge and wisdom power of creativity greatest possible degree or extent or intensity if angels have the wings to fly or any other power to fly we can fly without the wings we made the flying objects look around what we have created we are reflection of god.some day we will be out of this planet or some of us go to other planets then other planet out of solar system one galaxy to other galaxy to other universe and one day Adam,s children will be standing front of god. And god will tell angel,s did not I tell you what I know you don't know he will be very proud to see his creative art finish his journey come cross the universe.Satan was thrown out of his kingdom god want him to see what Adam did and created then he will get his final punishment on judgment day.
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