Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Super big bang.universe was created in million of the second.when I look around the space from our solar system to our galaxy from our galaxy to whole universe it's unbelievable very well the planets circulate around the stars from the million to billions of's not a magic it is not a incident or coincident. It is very well calculated system it's a math and physics the science of matter and energy and their interaction gravity the force of attraction between all masses in the's unbelievable knowledgeable force.master of science master of physics and math.who is that force a god and the only god I believe in.he created the universe and the life in different shape before he create the Adam and eve but Adam was his final touch a fine art best of the best he ever created.(I will prove that in my book which is almost finish it is a small part of my book).let me give you some example life was created before Adam mostly were designe to do what ever ask them to do or very limited knowledge.he is a creator have power and knowledge of create the things. None of the life he created has a power of creativity And knowledge like Adam.Adam has the knowledge power of creation.we the hildern of Adam creat the things we need it we do not have wings to fly we made the plane and other flying object create the system of communication tv phone computer list goes longer and longer That's a creation we create the things like him look around you you will find million of things that Adams children created.we are reflection of the god it's like when you look yourself in mirror your image on the other side Adam was reflection of the god but he is real we are just a reflection image.he was very proud when he create and sister don't let him down.
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