Monday, September 30, 2013

God universe and Adam!trap greedy rich immoderately desirous of acquiring wealth ardently or excessively Desirous busy expanding there empire feeling pleasurable satisfaction for themselves over average citizen Of lost ill society evil forces control and influence on few cognitive. factor that tends to have an effect On what they do average people trap in there colorful system lacking special distinction. Stock market Another venue of controlling Ill society trap the citizens in there well design Sketch plan.system Something intended as a guide for making of something else anticipated outcome that is intended or that Guides there planned action.mostly products or company producing the products sale through stock market Prices increase or( down temporary)every day by selling and buying heavy gambling on stocks prices increase Not that cost of products increase every day not the cost of labour or wages increase every day 3/% yearly Increase understandable not every day oil prices increase in a steady manner a phenomenon that follows and Is caused by some previous phenomenon steady increase of oil prices effects on every things cost of production Increase cost of transportation increase prices of products increase because of stock market trade on oil Refresh of memory cost of labor not increase every day process of refine the oil not increase every day why Prices increase in steady manner.who is beneficial of this who suffer.few beneficial average citizens pay the Price they suffer citizens are trapped in very powerful system no one can escape establish the colors and Principal values well organized implemented the quality positive or negative that renders something desirable Or valuable.value or de value measured by what must be given or undergone to obtain something public represen- -tative or not public representative not justify the job or watch public interest mostly work for capitalist Or corporate for there benefit not for the people they represents citrate of this planet continue to live Through hardship or adversity to survive society need survivalist not a survivor
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